What is a scooped bagel? TikToker complains about New York deli refusing his order

What is a scooped bagel? TikToker complains about New York deli refusing his order
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A TikToker has gone viral after he was kicked out of a New York deli for trying to order a scooped bagel but it left many people questioning just what on Earth the order was.

This story begins with Taylor Offer, a TikTok from California who has more than 54,000 followers on the video app. In a clip which he shared on Friday, which has now had 5 million views Offer explains that he was kicked out of a deli for ordering a 'scooped bagel.'

In the video, he says: "There’s nothing more stressful than ordering a bagel in New York City. I just went to a bagel shop here… I just walked in and asked for a scooped gluten-free bagel, guy just looked at me and goes, ‘I’m not scooping your f bagel [brother]. Get the f*** out of here with that s**t."

Offer's harrowing experience has now gone viral across several platforms but many are still clueless as to what a scooped bagel is.

Basically, a scooped bagel is a bagel with all of the bread from the inside removed leaving just the crust.

You might ask 'What's the point of that?' The simple reason is that it can be for dietary or gluten reasons. They can even be used for bagel lovers who might prefer more fillings in their snack.

Thankfully for Offer, he did eventually find a scooped bagel in New York and did do an explanation of what one was.


What is a scooped bagel

All is well that ends well.

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