Woman fired 'on the spot' for not speaking to customers

Woman fired 'on the spot' for not speaking to customers

A woman claimed she was "fired on the spot" for not interacting with customers enough – despite saying she would act on the constructive feedback.

In what she called "one of the favourite jobs she's ever had," Natalie (@natalieulwelling) told her 5.5 million TikTok viewers she was fired for a "reason that didn't even make sense."

Natalie, who had only been working in the retail job for a month, was called into a meeting after her bosses watched the cameras and noticed she "wasn't interacting with the customers enough."

The TikToker took the feedback on board and said she would "do more" going forward.

Instead, management said it's best they "part ways."

"It's a boutique, it isn't a corporate office. I wasn't expected to be fired on the spot," Natalie told viewers.

She went on to tell her seniors that she wished she would've known sooner as she felt like it was an "easy fix," and that she was a "great candidate for the job."

"It's just frustrating because [the manager] said 'not everyone is a peoples' person,'" Natalie added.


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Fortunately for Natalie, she had thousands of fellow TikTokers on her side.

"That is so frustrating. It’s ironic how they are letting you go because of how you communicate with guests, but they couldn’t communicate with you," one person said, while another added: "You probably weren’t doing anything wrong. They probably fired you for reasons they won’t share."

A third wrote: "This is insane. They clearly have some problems within their management team. Don't let this discourage you it’s their loss."

Meanwhile, one candidly said: "Bruh when I’m shopping I literally DON'T want the employees to interact with me."

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