The 'best Batman show' ever is now on Netflix

The 'best Batman show' ever is now on Netflix
Batman: The Animated Series intro
Netflix UK

The debate about who is the best Batman is about to be thrown into a tailspin as the 'best Batman show' ever is about to arrive on Netflix.

In surprise news the critically acclaimed and widely beloved Batman: The Animated Series has dropped on Netflix with all 65 episodes of Season One now available to UK subscribers.

The show, created by Warner Bros, featured the late, great Kevin Conroy voicing the Caped Crusader, bringing great gravitas and humanity to the character.

Elsewhere, you've got Mark Hamill giving Heath Ledger a run for his money as the most sinister and funniest version of the Joker and you'll also see the first-ever appearance of Harley Quinn, who actually made her debut on the show.

The show ran from 1992 until 1997 and was praised for its unique animation style and original depiction of Gotham City, which was reimagined as an Art Deco metropolis.

Storywise it also played into more humane aspects of Batman and his villains. One episode in particular, 'Heart of Ice' reintroduced the previously comedic Mr. Freeze as a tragic figure who had been wronged for simply trying to save his wife's life, was so highly regarded that it won a Daytime Emmy Award.

Netflix announced that the show was arriving on the platform on Tuesday and was immediately flooded with delighted fans, ecstatic at the news.

As you might have noticed only the first season is available on Netflix and there doesn't appear to be any news on when the other. three seasons and the follow-on-series like The New Batman Adventures and Batman Beyond, plus the excellent tie-in movies like Mask of the Phantasm and Return of the Joker will be online but we wait with bated breath.

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