Big Brother fans call to 'protect Yinrun at all costs' after 'cute' chat about love and Olivia outburst

Big Brother fans call to 'protect Yinrun at all costs' after 'cute' chat about love and Olivia outburst

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Big Brotherhas only been back on our screens for three days, yet fans of the hit reality show – now on ITV2 after a five-year hiatus – have already warmed to one housemate in particular: 25-year-old customer support agent Yinrun from Harrogate.

She has already sparked memes after walking in on fellow housemates playing musical statues on the first day and responding by hiding behind a wall.

And when she was ranked the “least entertaining” by Cotswolds food writer Henry in Monday’s episode, viewers were having none of it.

Now, after Tuesday’s instalment, BB fans are calling for her to be protected “at all costs”, after she opened up to Ryan and Noky about her boyfriend, and was on the receiving end of an outburst from Glaswegian dancer Olivia.

As housemates gathered in the kitchen area to prepare and eat pasta, and Yinrun apologised for getting in the way of people, Olivia protested: “You say sorry for everything, you don’t need to apologise.

“Why are you apologising? You don’t need to.”

Olivia - who was first to be up for the public vote after Jenkin said she was the hardest to live with, only for her to gain immunity by winning a secret task to not be crowned the ‘least entertaining’ – went on to insist she was not “making a drama” following the incident.

Viewers were unconvinced, taking to X (formerly Twitter) to say Olivia should “leave her [Yinrun] alone”.

Though in lighter news, Big Brother fans warmed to her “silly” cheese puns and her cute conversation about “love” with Noky and Ryan.

As Ryan entered the bedroom, Yinrun explained: “We’re talking about my boyfriend and it makes me wanna cry … ‘Cause I was thinking about, I don’t say ‘love’ in China – I never express that to my parents, even.

“Not mentioning to my friends and saying ‘I love you’, I don’t say that, but since I’m here, I met my boyfriend, and my boyfriend expressed that to me, which makes me feel more open. I feel like I can express too, that.

“And the second one, ‘cause I don’t know how love feels. I just feel it’s too big, it’s like, ‘love’ – it’s an absurd thing.

“And when he said that to me and I was trying to process it and diagnose my feeling, how would I feel? My feelings to him is like, if that is not love, I don’t know what is love.

“So I realised that, ‘Oh, I love him.’”

We’re not crying, you’re crying.

Now fans are saying the public must “protect Yinrun at all costs”:

Viewers have also expressed support for 18-year-old Hallie, after she came out to fellow housemates as transgender in Monday night's episode.

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