Viewers can't unsee bizarre sex scene from Netflix's Brand New Cherry Flavour

Viewers can't unsee bizarre sex scene from Netflix's Brand New Cherry Flavour
Brand New Cherry Flavor: Limited Series | Official Trailer

When looking for a new film or TV to watch, social media can be a good place to research recommendations and see what everyone is talking about.

The Netflix series Brand New Cherry Flavour released in August last year certainly has got the internet talking, as people have challenged others to watch a particularly disturbing sex scene from the show.

In the American horror series, the eight episodes set in the 1990s tells the story of aspiring film director, Lisa Nova (played by Rosa Salazar) who moves to Los Angeles hoping to break into the entertainment industry.

After facing rejections, she meets producer-director Lou Burke (Eric Lange) who says he wants to help get her career off the ground but he turns out to be a sleazy predator who boots Lisa off her own film after she refused to sleep with him.

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So, in an act of revenge Lisa gets a witch named Boro (Catherine Keener) to put a curse on him - though we soon find out this has consequences for her, like throwing up newborn kittens... (yes, you read that correctly).

But the scene everybody is talking about comes from episode four of the series titled: "Tadpole Smoothie" where Lisa discovers a wound on her abdomen that produces another kitten.

Checking over her wound, she is surprised she doesn't feel pain when touching it and is actually aroused.

Things begin to get even weirder at the 35 minute-mark when Lisa invites her film star love interest Roy Hardaway (Jeff Ward) and the two soon begin to hook up - but not exactly in the way you would think, with Roy focusing on Lisa's wound and he even sticks his entire hand inside her abdomen.

It's fair to say the show isn't for the fainthearted.

As viewers have discovered and been grossed out by the scene, many quickly took to TikTok and Twitter to share their disgust and regret at watching and soon it became an internet challenge to watch the clip.

The scene quickly went viral on TikTok when TikToker Cody (@siriuslycody) drew attention to it and asked his followers if they wanted to see "the most messed up sex scene I've ever seen in my life."

He described how the scene made him so "uncomfortable" that he couldn't watch it and gives viewers the details about the series before asking to see everyone's blind reactions.


It takes a lot to make me uncomfortable @Netflix. #OutlanderChallenge #fypシ #fyp #brandnewcherryflavor

Cody's video received a staggering 21m views, 2.4m likes and over 80,000 comments from people who watched the scene as a result of this video and were disturbed at what they saw.

One person said: "I've never wanted to die more in my life."

"You'll be hearing from my lawyer," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "This is exactly why I shouldn't listen to random people on the internet."

"So how do I remove this from recently watched and my brain?" a fourth person commented.

Meanwhile, Twitter was also abuzz with people equally sharing their revulsion at the sex scene.

If you're not put off by everyone's reaction, then Brand New Cherry Flavour is available to watch on Netflix - you have been warned...

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