'Weirdo' Last of Us fans say they're shipping Joel and Ellie

'Weirdo' Last of Us fans say they're shipping Joel and Ellie
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Some fans of the hit HBO show The Last of Us are facing criticism for shipping main characters Joel and Ellie.

Across Twitter and TikTok people have expressed disgust for the select fans who hope the character in a father-daughter-like relationship will suddenly become romantic.

“Goodnight to everyone EXCEPT to the account who ships Ellie and Joel,” Han tweeted.

One fan wrote, “Once again I am saying if you ship Joel and Ellie get away from me get off my account I don’t like you go away and please block me while you’re at it so we never interact with each other on accident!”

Understandably, The Last of Us fans are upset that anyone would picture 50-something-year-old Joel with 14-year-old Ellie as the two fight for survival during a zombie apocalypse.

The show, and video game, portray Joel and Ellie’s relationship very platonically.

Given Joel lost his daughter Sarah, his attitude toward Ellie is sensitive and caring much like the way he acted toward Sarah.

Similarly, Ellie is without a central parental role in her life and needs some guidance along with the way to help soften her hardened exterior.

Despite the two character’s having a very familial relationship, it hasn’t stopped some people from imagining a world where the two could be romantically involved.

Luckily the two characters will not end up together. Not only would that be illegal but it would be inconsistent with the plot of the video game which showrunners are staying as true to as possible.

Also - Ellie is a lesbian.

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