<p>Chloe Burrows, contestant on Love Island 2021</p>

Chloe Burrows, contestant on Love Island 2021


Love Island fans were left cringing last night after Chloe put on a ‘sexy voice’ in her voice note to the male contestants informing them of her arrival.

After the contestants coupled up and played some bizarre drinking games, they settled in and were lulled into a false sense of security on their first night in the villa. Until, of course, the first twist was revealed - that a new girl would be entering the villa meaning that there would be an odd number of girls, meaning one will be dumped from the island. Look, if you are a Love Island fan you know the drill. We all walk the same path.

Except this time the twist was a bit meta in that usually the presenter announces it, not the contestant, but Laura Whitmore was nowhere to be seen. So it fell to Chloe, who was clearly forced by producers to let the other islanders know she had hopped off the plane via a voice note sent to their phones, designed to stir up maximum aggro.

But while the female contestants were rattled by the prospect of losing their partner early doors, and the male contestants were excited, people at home found it a little embarrassing:

Poor Chloe. TV producers make contestants do the silliest things. We look forward to hearing her real voice, if she is allowed to use it.

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