The 8 most savage moments from South Park's brutal Harry and Meghan episode

The 8 most savage moments from South Park's brutal Harry and Meghan episode
South Park target Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in new episode teaser

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been brutally roasted in the latest episode of South Park.

And while the show's creators stopped short of naming them, it's clear that the 'Prince of Canada' and his wife are based on the controversial couple, who quit the royal family for a life abroad amid claims they lacked privacy.

In real life, the pair have cultivated a celebrity brand with a sit-down Oprah interview, a Netflix documentary series, and a Spotify show.

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In the cartoon, their lives follow a similar - if exaggerated - trajectory. After falling out of favour at home, they travel the world demanding privacy, before settling in South Park where their antics cause chaos with the locals.

Here are eight of the wildest and most shocking moments from Wednesday night's episode.

The Queen's body in an open casket

South Park/Comedy Central

The episode begins with a shot of Kyle's brother Ike, who's watching re-runs of the Queen's funeral and sobbing.

In a shocking scene, the Queen's lifeless body is seen inside an open casket at Westminster Abbey.

Held aloft, she's wearing her crown and dressed in full royal regalia. Her family members can be seen trailing behind.

Sir Smelly John performs 'Goodbye Queefy Queen'

South Park/Comedy Central

A cartoon version of Sir Elton John is brought in to sing a riff on 'Goodbye England's Rose/Candle in the Wind', which he performed at Princess Diana's funeral in 1997.

The prince and his wife get farted on by the Earl of Halifax

South Park/Comedy Central

It's unclear who the Earl of Halifax represents - perhaps Prince William? Either way, the fists start flying after the gassy slight.

All of this drama is interrupting Kyle's video game time with his friends. The next day, he discovers they leveled up without him.

The Worldwide Privacy Tour begins

South Park/Comedy Central

The pair decide to quit the royal family and launch a worldwide tour demanding privacy.

South Park/Comedy Central

They hoist placards demanding to be ignored in front of various audiences of disinterested onlookers around the globe.

The host of Good Morning Canada calls 'Meghan' the prince's 'Instagram-loving b**** wife'

South Park/Comedy Central

The pair enter the stage holding signs saying “we want privacy”, while the host holds up a copy of the Prince’s new book titled “Waaah”.

“You’ve lived a life with the Royal Family. You’ve had everything handed to you, but you say your life has been hard. You’ve written all about it in your new book ‘Waaah’."

The Prince’s wife then says: “I was totally like, ‘You should write a book because the Royal Family are like stupid and so are journalists.”

“Isn’t it true sir, that your questionable wife has her own TV show and hangs out with celebrities and does fashion magazines?”

At school, Butters tells Kyle that he needs brand management to be more popular, and points him in the direction of local agency CumHammer Brand Management.

An agent wants to brand him as a 'victim'.

In the meantime, the royal couple have moved to South Park. They love the tranquility of the fictional Colorado mountain town - but quickly decide to become the centers of attention again.

Despite their wish for privacy, they do everything to draw attention to themselves. When Kyle remonstrates, they scold him for not respecting their privacy.

Kyle tries to convince his friends he's a victim, but they're indifferent. He then complains about the royal couple to his friends, upon which they give him advice to avoid giving them the attention they want.

He returns home to find his house covered in magazine front pages of Meghan - but manages to ignore it.

Kyle is accused by 'Meghan' of victimizing her because she is "ethnic", a fact about her that appears to surprise the prince

South Park/Comedy Central

Annoyed, the prince tries to goad Kyle into responding by rubbing his blue, frost-bitten penis on the window. He is ignored.

South Park/Comedy Central

At school the next day, Kyle has a new look and positive demeanor, but discovers pal Butters has been beaten up due to CumHammer's rebrand of him as "strong and assertive".

Furious, he returns to CumHammer's offices where he finds the prince and his wife consulting on their brand.

Kyle convinces them that branding is a waste of time because it's turning them into performers instead of human beings.

The prince is convinced and decides to give up TV appearances and photoshoots for magazines.

The prince looks to his wife for support, but she's silent. He flips open the top half of her head, and shouts inside. All he hears is an echoing sound from the endless chasm.

The episode ends with Kyle allowing Ike's repeat viewings of the Queen's funeral to interrupt his gaming time.

Kyle's friends eventually ask him to hang out again, and they play basketball at a local court. The prince comes along and asks to join in, and they allow him. But instead of joining in the casual game, he makes himself the centre of attention by setting up a drumkit at the edge of the court.

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