Simon Bird opens up about the possibility of a future Inbetweeners reunion

Simon Bird opens up about the possibility of a future Inbetweeners reunion
The Inbetweeners Movie 2 - Trailer

Simon Bird has spoken about the possibility of returning to The Inbetweeners – and we’re sorry to say, it’s not looking likely.

The actor made his name playing Will McKenzie in the era-defining comedy, but confirmed it’s 'a hard no' when it comes to taking on the role again.

The actor said that he still gets “briefcase w*****” and “bus w*****” shouted at him by fans, and while it's a 'happy memory' he won’t be returning any time soon.

Speaking to The Guardian, he was asked the question: "How about more Inbetweeners, but this time you're the embarrassing parents?"

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He replied: "It’s a hard no, I’m afraid. It just wouldn’t be the show people want or remember. Much better to leave it as a happy memory."

He did, however, joke: "Cut to us all doing a third film for Netflix next year … Anything’s possible.”

When asked if he could reshoot one episode of the show, he said it would be the Field Trip episode from series two.

The actor first starred in the series back in 2008Jeff Spicer/Getty Images for BFI

"A beautiful location, fish and chips on the beach, watching one of my closest friends, Joe Thomas, almost dying of hypothermia. What could be better?" he said.

He was also asked about his character’s walk, which is ridiculed by other characters in the show.

"Let’s be clear, Will’s walking style is just my walking style. That’s literally how I walk. It’s not a comedic choice. To this day, I do not understand what’s funny about it,” he said.

Bird starred in the hit series from 2008 to 2010, alongside Joe Thomas, James Buckley, and Blake Harrison. The show was followed by two films in 2011 and 2014.

Since The Inbetweeners, Bird has appeared in shows such as Friday Night Dinner.

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