The 10 most mind-bending optical illusions

The 10 most mind-bending optical illusions
Reverse perspective optical illusion goes viral on TikTok

Optical illusions are things that create visual deceptions to baffle the brain.

Some illusions can also be fascinating and fun and perplexing all at once, and also give us a greater perspective into how our brains operate.

There are so many illusions out there on the web, but here at Indy100, we compiled a list of the 10 of the most mind-bending ones we could find. Check them out below.

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1) This "reflection" is not what it seems

This video shows a soldier throwing a rock towards what seems like a murky lake. Turns out, it was an enclosed space. Woah.

2) The floating man

This could be a fun prank at the next family and friend outdoor function.

3) Are these blue stripes straight?

As the picture suggests, the dark blue stripes are parallel to each other but our brain thinks they are tilted.

As one person wrote on Reddit: "Damn this is good, I think it works since the small black white squares make up perceive the black tiles as being slightly shorter on one side than the other. By mirroring this pattern on each level this gets this amazing illusion."

We agree.

4) How many horses are present?

This painting of horses has not only caused a stir among viewers, but also the artist and scientists.

Bev Doolitte, the artist in question, created the portrait of five patch-skinned horses standing with each other on a snow ledge that has been on the National Institute of Environmental Health Services' (NIEHS) website.

According to Doolitte, there are five horses present. But scientist, on the other hand, believes there are seven.


5) The T-Rex illusion

Amazing T-Rex Illusion!

This illusion takes advantage of our mind's quest to find patterns, especially in faces, whether that's real or imagined.

All faces are convex, or they stick out to you. But something that's concave, such as the face of this T-Rex, is actually moving away from you.

So, the inversion means that the features on the left side of the dinosaur's face are further away. And as we move around it, our brain tries to make sense of it, making it seem that the dinosaur is turning its head.

6) Where are her legs?

Hint: the popcorn is the same colour as the ground.

7) Is it a man or a dog?

Both! The dog is sitting on his lap.

8) Is the tree in front of the sign or behind it?

In this case, the tree is in front of the sign. The side of the sign where it looks like the tree is running through it is almost the same colour as the sky.

9) The disappearing dog

For a brief moment, a dog appeared to disappear into a brick wall. Fortunately, the pup ended up re-emerging.

Harry Houdini might have competition.

10) The Phantom Queen

The Phantom

Winning the 2021 Illusion of the Year, "The Phantom Queen" features a chessboard and its reflection in a mirror.

But the phantom White Queen piece appears as only a reflection of a mysterious empty square in the foreground. This illusion is created by using anamorphic camouflage that makes the board look like a completely flat surface.

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