11 questions you should ask your partner before getting married

Picture: Castle Rock Entertainment/YouTube
Picture: Castle Rock Entertainment/YouTube

Every relationship is different, and expectations differ person-to-person.

The most important part of any relationship is communication: you know what they want, they know what you want. Simple.

Now that caveat is out of the way, people on Reddit have been listing questions you might want to ask your significant other before deciding on matrimony:

1. Do you want kids?

Whether or not your partner will want little children scurrying around the house is probably going to become important in the near future, so you may as well make sure that your views match.

2. What are your thoughts on housework?

Few people think to ask this question, but it needs to be said - the last thing you want is, post-marital bliss, to find out your partner is allergic to housework.

3. How much debt do you have?

With photographic proof. Debt might not seem like a big deal in the moment, but when you plan on buying a house and you find out your partner owes five figures with 850 per cent APR? No.

4. Who did you vote for in the last elections?

Political views can be divisive, we get it. Still, it’s better to know early on if you’ve fallen in love with someone from the opposite end of the spectrum, right?

5. Do you want pets?

You need to know that your partner will be okay with you bringing home that adorable kitten who keeps meowing at you.

6. Does your mum/dad/family actually like me?

There are few things more disheartening than finding out your potential mother-in-law hates your guts. If you find this out early enough, you can practice the art of buttering up.

7. How do you feel about prenups?

Many people see this as an awkward question because it assumes your relationship won’t make it.

It’s not like that: instead, discussing a pre-nuptial agreement could give you an indication of your partner’s relationship with money.

8. Who is going to take care of elderly parents?

Some people believe in nursing homes, others vehemently curse their existence. You have to know early on if your partner plans to move your in-laws into the family home after they become too old to care for themselves.

9. What religion do you want our children to be?

Your partner may have strong views on religion that he/she doesn't want to burden you with, but this question tells you everything you need to know about how tolerant and up for compromising your partner is.

10. How crazy are you?

Everyone is a little neurotic, and before you decide to share your future with someone, it's good to know if their crazy can work with yours.

11. Do you fart in bed?

No, this is serious. Reddit user Li0nhead said:

A 'no' instantly shows they are willing to lie to you as a default position and you should consider that.

You should probably know the answer to most of these questions already.

Just saying.

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