Bill Clinton dazzled in a revealing blue suit as he cast his vote for his spouse


Bill Clinton, the spouse of candidate Hillary is 70 years old (you wouldn't know it thanks to a rigorous skin care regime) but still managed to dazzle today as he cast his vote.

Appearing in a navy two button blazer, with ice blue tie and slate grey trousers, the husband and potential First Gentleman of the United States, couldn't let the last day of the campaign go by without being a walking distraction.

In sleek black shoes and a figure hugging attire, Bill cast his vote (hopefully for the old ball and chain!) alongside Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, in Chappaqua, New York on Tuesday morning.


Hillary likes what she sees, as Bill, the exceptional septuagenarian shows off his chic look, casually dropping one hand into the pocket of slate grey trousers.

If he keeps drawing attention like this, people are going to think he's the presidential candidate!

But all know that's silly. Hillary is a reminder that this really is a woman's world in 2016, when you think of all the great things that have happened for American women in the last twelve months.

The number of women candidates this year! Talk about putting an XX on your ballot paper!

50 per cent of the candidates from the two main parties running for president are women. Amazing what this world is like!

Obviously what we're all wondering is if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, what will Bill wear to the inaugural ball?

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