A Pret a Manger has opened in East London and hipsters are losing it

Warning: this post is a bit sweary

A Pret A Manger has opened on iconic Brick Lane in Shoreditch, East London, and it has caused what can only be described as a hipster Armageddon. No-one remembers how it began, but gather round, children, and we'll sing you a song:

The first shots were fired by resident hipsters (or should we say 'yuccies'?):

The more self-aware of these philosophers mused on this brave new world:

Some even considered the very essence of Pret A Manger:

But then the Pret lovers struck back.

Then finally the most middle class thing to ever happen, happened:

The only thing left was the awkwardness:

The judgement:

The deliberation of aesthetics:

Sweeping generalisations:

And brutal, brutal venom:

The great Pret war of July 2015. #Neverforget.

H/T: The Evening Standard

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