Actual proof romance is dead

Meet Courtney McKenzie and Jamil Newell.

This couple are planning a $30,000 wedding in Thailand this December featuring scuba diving, elephant trekking, and bamboo river rafting. So far, so romantic. But there is a twist: the pair want to fund their dream wedding through corporate sponsorship.

Options for potential sponsors range from diamond level (price undisclosed), to kiss level ($5,000), heart level ($1,000) and bliss level ($500). Companies can choose to get their logo on the bride's dress, or on the 'just married' elephant they will presumably ride off into the sunset on after the wedding ceremony. There's even a corporate social responsibility element rolled in: an unspecified percentage of the funds raised will go to charity.

Ms McKenzie, a former beauty queen who now works in marketing, told Buzzfeed that she and her future husband have already been approached by "a few Fortune 500 companies".

While they have not got any in the bag yet, she says: "A lot of companies have been contacting us and we’re just excited to go through them all."


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