How to use TikTok's 'AI manga' filter to find ghosts in your own home

How to use TikTok's 'AI manga' filter to find ghosts in your own home
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People are getting spooked out on TikTok after using an "AI Manga filter," to try and spot ghosts in their homes or places of work.

The filter first began to trend as people made videos to find out what they would look like as an anime character by taking a video selfie.

But then some decided to explore and flipped their camera around out of the curiosity to see if the AI filter managed to create characters with no physical face to focus on and when it did, people believed this was the filter picking up any ghosts in the room - creepy...

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Some of the most viral videos from the trend include @saffron_4 (8.1m views) who was "trying to see how many ghosts I could catch on my night shift in the hospital with AI."


One of the worst ideas I’ve had at 4am, my heart was RACING EVERYTIME😭🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲 #manga#almanga#filter#jumpscare#ghosts#horror#scary#screammovie

All in all, she managed to catch nine anime characters so nine "ghosts" on camera as she added in the post caption: "One of the worst ideas I’ve had at 4am, my heart was RACING EVERYTIME."

Another popular video with 11m views came from Frankie Rose (@frankierose241994) who tested out the filter on a nursing house they work in "that used to be a nunnery in the 1800s," and discovered one character sitting in a chair, and a few standing around in corridors.

Elsewhere, TikToker Joannah Castro (@infamousjoannah) went viral with 2.1 m views when she appeared to be scared while using the filter on a staircase in her home after "It sounded like someone ran up the stairs and no one was there..."


Well…. First my mom’s house, now my place? 👁️👄👁️ #ai #aimanga #aighost #ghost #haunted

In an eerie turn of events, the AI filter picked up a character walking up the stairs, and as Castro kept using the filter, the character or "ghost" was climbing further up the stairs until it reached the top and was getting closer to Castro, who looked fearful as she panned the camera around to share her reaction.

How to use the TikTok "AI Manga" filter

Now if you're curious and want to ghost hunt for yourself by using the filter, then search "AI Manga filter" in the TikTok app, and because it's trending at the moment, it should be near the top of the screen.

Press the video camera icon which it will then turn your camera on for the "record a TikTok" screen, after this all you need to do is flip the camera around and see if your home is haunted.

An alternative way is to open your camera by selecting "record a TikTok," then click the effects, and search for "AI Manga" which should appear and then add the filter to your video.

You can also find the filter by going to a TikTok where someone else has used the filter and a button with the filter's name should appear - click on this to make the video.

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