Americans have just learned about crisp butties – and their minds are blown

Americans have just learned about crisp butties – and their minds are blown
How To Make Crispy Thin Potato Chips

Brits have been in hysterics after claiming Americans have only just learned about crisp butties.

It all started when the New York Times shared a recipe on their cooking Instagram page. "Making a sandwich?" the on-screen text read. "Put chips in it."

It continued: "Beyond crunch, chips also add stability, holding the fillings in place as you eat."

The post directed followers to the link in the bio to find the recipe for Kenji López’s Tuna Melt with added crunch.

The viral post soon spread to Twitter, with popular 'No Context Brits' writing: "Americans thinking they’ve invented the crisp butty."

The post was soon inundated with polarising responses, with one saying: "Wait until they invent the kettle."

Inevitably, Brits picked up on the terminology, correcting the US on calling crisps "chips."

"Not to mention that's a crisp sandwich, not a chip sandwich," one highlighted, while another chimed in: "Those. Are. Crisps."

Americans soon joined the conversation, with many believing the name "chip butty" was entirely made up.

"Can one British thing not have a stupid ass name," one wrote, while another added: "That's not a real name."

"British people name things normally challenge," a third American joked, while another likened it to sounding NSFW.

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Lucky for crisp butty-loving Brits, there's a bottomless brunch specialising in the sort.

Over in Yorkshire, Kicks Bar & Grill is offering crisp lovers 90 minutes of unlimited indulgence with current favourites and retro classics, including Space Invaders, Discos, NikNaks and Hula Hoops.

The bottomless crisp party comes complete with bread, butter and sauces to whip up their culinary creations.

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