New York Times mocked after appearing to have just discovered kettles

New York Times mocked after appearing to have just discovered kettles
Prisoner goes viral after cooking food in cell using two kettles

The New York Timesis getting mocked on social media for appearing to have just discovered the humble kettle.

On Wednesday (29 June), Stefan Roberts, an Associate Director at Hanbury Strategy tweeted a screenshot image from the news outlet which showcased the best electric kettles to purchase.

The headline of the story, which appeared to be from the outlet's homepage, read "A Swift and Easy Way to Heat Water Without using a Stove," was published on June 24.

"Consider the electric kettle. Many models will even let you set a precise temperature - key for getting the best flavour from coffee and tea," the subheader for the story read.

"The New York Times, 2022," Roberts captioned the tweet.

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In another tweet, he also wrote: "I'll hear absolutely no more from Americans criticising our clothes drying racks after this."

People, particularly Brits, took to the comments section of the post to joke about Americans' unawareness.

"Wtf is this! Do people not use kettles in America? Is that why they are descending into a fascist state? Not enough tea."

Another person who chimed in with the same sentiment added: "They don't, and when they drink tea, they microwave it."

"Well done, the New York Times, you've discovered Britain," a third wrote, while a fourth added: "two countries divided by a common beverage."

Others shared their experiences of moving to other countries and realising the lack of electric kettles in America.

One wrote: "Americans' lack of electric kettles is one of the most mystifying things...When I moved from the US to Israel, I wondered where these things had been all my life."

With that, the tale of discovering the electric kettle will carry on.

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