On Wednesday night, the Leader of the House of Commons dramatically resigned over Theresa May's amendments to the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.

Leadsom's resignation forced Theresa May into a very awkward position and her position as prime minister looks more and more likely to come to an end very soon.

However, she has already moved to replace Leadsom as the leader of the House of Commons appointing MP Mel Stride, the former financial secretary to the treasury to the role.

This means that Leadsom served just under two years as Commons leader and the grassroots campaign Leadsom4Leader that want to see the Tory MP become the next prime minister have put together a compilation of some of her finest moments.

Yet we're not quite sure it has hit the mark as the Billy Joel soundtrack, lack of audio and the end graphic strike us as a bit morbid and confusing. After all, she's only resigned from that role. She'll still be in parliament as a backbencher.

Needless to say, the response to this tribute video has left people more than a little bemused.

Yes, that final tweet is from current Labour MP Louise Haigh.

Goodness me. What a time to be alive...

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