Andrew Tate says you're not a millionaire if you cook

In the world of social media, there has been only one person that anyone can talk about for what feels like months now - the very controversial and very outspoken former kickboxer Andrew Tate.

The 35-year-old British-American who was once a contestant on Big Brother has been all over TikTok in the past few months thanks to his outrageous comments about masculinity, misogyny and women.

Videos of Tate and his outspoken opinions have racked up millions of views on TikTok alone with the video-sharing app now being pressured to act upon and remove harmful content by sexual assault charities.

Despite his popularity, there is a growing backlash to Tate and the status that he has acquired for himself thanks to his comments. For instance, numerous memes about him are starting to pop up on Twitter and people are discovering moments in his old videos where he seemingly 'broke character'.

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One of the best memes we've seen is about another 'Andy Tate' and we have to say that we are far happier to be talking about this chap than the one who claims to be a 'trillionaire.'

The other Tate is a Manchester United supporter who gained viral fame amongst football fans for an infamous rant on the Man Utd fan YouTube channel Full Time Devils in March 2014.

After seeing his team beaten 3-0 at home by bitter rivals Manchester City, Tate took aim at the then United manager David Moyes, who took over the role from the legendary Alex Ferguson.

Biggest Fool In Manchester! | Manchester United 0-3 Manchester City | ANDY TATE

"Next Tuesday, April Fools Day, he's the biggest fool in Manchester and that is you David Moyes", yells Tate before adding: "You have lost the fans tonight. You don't deserve anything from this club. You got the job on a technicality of a legend who recommended you. You are nothing. You are a fool. You are a waste of time. Goodnight."

The rant went viral and has since become a part of online football fan folklore and given the rise of the other Tate people are far happier to remember this than the other fella.

Amen to that.

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