Internet personality Andrew Tate claims men are weak if they live with ...

Andrew Tate is everywhere. He's essentially the online version of a toxic ex you simply cannot avoid, no matter how hard you try.

The professional-kickboxer-turned-online-sensation has used the internet as a home to express his unsolicited views on pretty much everything, and it's certainly caused a divide.

To some, he's the new toxic masculinity mascot who has been (worryingly) hailed the new voice of the internet. Others have been left concerned by what comes out of his unfiltered mouth.

Outside of sport, Tate experienced his first taste of fame while appearing on the 2016 season of Big Brother UK. Since then, he's rose to virality with his questionable, not to mention misogynistic, views.

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Tate has a lot to say about women.

He candidly declared that women over 30 are "unattractive", comparing them to carousels because of their previous partners. "The younger and the more beautiful she is, she's going to be very, very selective with who she slept with," he said.

He also expressed his views on OnlyFans, and while he doesn't see anything "intrinsically wrong" with women being on the platform, he believes the man should "have influence and control over it."

"If you're my woman and you're doing OnlyFans, you're selling my product," he said, adding that he'd expect to receive around 75 per cent of her earnings.

Aside from spending most of his time rambling on about his views on women, he believes breakfast breeds "arrogance and laziness", and heterosexual men are weak and "less competitive" if they live with their partner.

Some views are so extreme that people are convinced he's playing a character – and we truly hope he is.

Here are all of the times his mask appeared to have slipped:

The time he acknowledged he went too far

Tate discussed his strong feelings against having a "nerd" as a child.

He said he refuses to have a son carrying the Tate name, attending crypto conventions and buying NFTs with their "skinny little arms."

"If my son is a nerd, one of us has to die, him or me. I'll challenge him to mortal combat," he said before smiling and admitting his comments were a bit much.

He smirked: "Alright, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it sounds cool, right?"

The time he gave back to the community. Well, kind of...

Footage from his earlier days surfaced online where he appeared to have a little compassion.

"People in Romania actually think I'm a bad person or a scary person," he says while scrolling through his phone. He recalls a conversation with a neighbour. The woman had advised her children to stay away from Tate's cars because she'd "hate for them to scratch one and me have to sell a kidney."

In the most Tate way possible, he told her to bring her son around to the house to check out all of his cars "and take loads of photos". He said the child could show all the girls in his school, bearing in mind, he was five-years-old.

He added: "What does it cost me to unlock my cars? Zero."


Wholesome Tate #tristantate #andrewtate #tate

The time Tate actually laughed

A laughing Tate is an incredibly rare sight to see. And while topic of conversation was still incredibly controversial, he appeared to have dropped his facade after failing to hold back his laughter.

"Bro you can tell he’s trying not to break character," one TikToker commented.

Another added: "It’s absolutely hilarious when he breaks character."


Andrew Tate Breaking Character

The time he realised he was wrong

In another chat, Tate was stating his views about women not being able to help you.

When he was called out for providing an "extreme" hypothetical situation, Tate hit back: "Life is extreme."

He reiterated, "life is extreme, yes" while unintentionally holding up a card reading "no".

The interview said "that was no" which led his mask to slip ever so slightly.


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He follows several Instagram accounts filled with cute piglets

The 'alpha maleIT boy' appears to wind down to pictures of baby pigs.Yep, that's right. Tate, despite his on-screen persona, follows a handful of Instagram accounts dedicated to wholesome piglet pictures.


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Indy100 reached out to Andrew Tate for comment.

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