More than 50 inches of rain have fallen on Texas from Storm Harvey, setting a new record for the continental United States, according to the National Weather Service.

Experts have pointed to climate change as a direct cause of the storm.

Most of us will solemnly nod our heads on reading such an argument. But not Ann Coulter

The right-wing commentator managed, in one sentence, to rubbish climate change and reunite that old argument that homosexuals can cause bad weather.

She tweeted that it's more credible that Houston electing a lesbian mayor is more likely to be the cause of the storm than climate change.

Oh wait, "climate change" - We can't miss off those all-important quotation marks Coulter used.

Annise Parker was one of the first openly gay mayors in a major US city, and served from 2010 – 2016.

People are quite frankly baffled at the sentiment.

Meanwhile, Parker is tweeting various ways people can help with the relief effort...

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