Author shuts down man who wants to return to a time when 'women didn't hate men' in the best way

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It is not uncommon for people hung-up on conservative values to get misty-eyed over the past, especially the buttoned-up 1800s and early 1900s.

That joyous time when women couldn't vote, when segregation tightened in the United States and racial oppression escalated, and there was no Universal Declaration of Human Rights protecting basic freedoms.

But at least women batted their eyelashes when men wolf-whistled. Or at least that's what Twitter user 'Craig' thinks, judging by his tweet longing for the early 20th century when women "didn't hate men".

Yep, this guy thinks that getting harassed sexually on the street isn't sexual harassment. It's just part of being an 'actual woman'.

Women hating men, by the way, appears to be taken as synonymous with 'women just trying to get on with their day and protect their personal space from unwanted sexual advances'.

Thankfully, author Jennifer Wright stepped in with a perfect clapback.

Plenty of others called him out too.

Others pointed out that women weren't happy with street harassment in the 1900s either.

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