Baby Alien goes viral for his reaction to Ari Alectra reveal in Fan Van video

Baby Alien goes viral for his reaction to Ari Alectra reveal in Fan Van video

TikTok star 'Baby Alien' has gone viral on social media following his emotional reaction to a video featuring him and model Ari Alectra.

Baby Alien, who has more than 625,000 followers on Instagram alone, appeared on the The Fan Bus channel earlier this month where he confessed that he was still a virgin.

The idea of The Fan Bus is to connect fans with their favourite OnlyFans models and let nature take its course. As the name would suggest all their content is filmed in a van.

However, the account has gained a significant amount of interest since Baby Alien appeared on there with his story now being viewed more than 1.5 million times.

There was so much interest that it saw an unprecedented influx of women offering to sleep with him and take his virginity.

Yet on August 26th, Fan Bus selected OnlyFans model Ari Alectra to be the one to tell Baby Alien that he was going to lose his virginity that day.

In the clip, Baby Alien is told that they believed Alectra was serious about sleeping with him to which he had an excited response. What he didn't realise was that Alectra was actually hiding in the back of the van waiting to surprise him.

Alien was soon overcome with emotion and ran out of the van and started crying before being consoled by Alectra and told what was happening to him was real.


It finally happened #fanbus #busconfessions #trueconfessions #thefanbus #hookupstory

At this point, we should point out that Baby Alien does have an obscenely long tongue and does make some suggestive actions as to what he can do with it. We'll leave that to your imagination.

The subsequent video has been viewed 1.2 million times with many more than delighted for Baby Alien's happy ending.

One person said: "Bro couldn’t believe it."

Another wrote: "I would have cried too man."

A third added: "dude went through a journey of emotions."

Baby Alien's popularity has stemmed from his social media content which mostly consist of lifestyle and comedy skit videos.

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