Bartender reveals she accidentally exposed customer’s extramarital affair in viral TikTok

Bartender reveals she accidentally exposed customer’s extramarital affair in viral TikTok
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A bartender has opened up about the awkward moment she accidentally revealed a man’s affair to his wife.

In a viral TikTok that has been viewed over 2.5 million times, TikToker and bartender Cayley (@imacayk) revealed that she inadvertently dropped the husband in it after he took his wife to the same place as his side piece.

Cayley explained that it occurred when she was bartending at a restaurant and had regular customers who would come in every Wednesday at the same time.

The man would come in first and would be joined at the bar by a woman after about 15 minutes. She knew the couple’s order by heart and they would go and sit at the same table each time.

Cayley said: “It became very apparent to me that these people were having an affair after quite some time, just by their behaviour… but also that fact they both wore wedding rings and they both exclusively told me that they were each other’s friend.”

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She continued, explaining she would see them there at the same time every Wednesday for a couple of months. One Wednesday, she explained, the man left early and she ended up speaking in depth to the woman.

In another video, Cayley explained that she was working a Friday night and was having issues with her glasses, so took them off and was bartending with bad vision.

The man she had served every Wednesday came in with a woman who appeared to look the same as his “friend” he usually came with.

She explain he attempted to shrug off the “regular bartender head nod” she gave him but he continued to ignore her. Still oblivious, the bartender asked him if their regular order was what they wanted, at which point the man’s wife clocked that he had been taking another woman there and they began arguing.

In the comments, people were baffled as to why the man would take his wife to the same restaurant as the woman he is cheating with.

One person wrote: “listen, why is this your responsibility? he is being messy having affairs and bringing them to the same place.”

Another said: “I would spill the tea to every woman.”

Someone else commented: “once a husband slid me a twenty while he went to the bathroom asking me to do this as a joke to his wife lmao.”

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