Wife left fuming after husband prioritises seeing new Batman film over birth of their child

Wife left fuming after husband prioritises seeing new Batman film over birth of their child
The Batman: Funeral Scene

A heavily pregnant woman was left furious after her husband declared that he wanted to see the Batman movie on the first day of release – despite their new baby expected to arrive that very same day.

The anonymous 25-year-old took to Reddit for much-needed reassurance that she was not being unreasonable.

The hotly-anticipated Batman movie featuring Robert Pattinson will hit screens in early March. She told the popular Reddit thread Am I the A**hole?' that her husband was "a big fan of that kind of stuff", which prompted a conversation many would not take lightly.

Her husband, 28, told his pregnant wife: "It is important to see the movie the first day because of spoilers even I end up having the baby that day while he is watching the movie."

He proceeded to dig a bigger hole when he suggested that, at worst, he "arrived a few hours late", which to him " is not such a big deal."

While the woman did not share her response, she added that he called her "irrational and emotional because of being pregnant."

"I am upset because I feel deprioritized by him," she said before posing the question to fellow Reddit users of whether she was being an "a**hole."

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One joked: "A grown-up man can't wait a couple of days to see a comics movie because spooooileeerrrsss – and you're being irrational and emotional?"

"You're about to pop, and he wants to go see a movie," one responded in horror. "I hope this isn't how he normally is, or else be prepared to raise that baby alone because your husband doesn't sound interested in being a father."

A third slammed the husband's "messed up priorities", saying: "He thinks possibly being spoiled on a superhero movie is a bigger deal than possibly missing the birth of his child. I'm sorry you're having a baby with someone with such messed up priorities."

For those not expecting babies on the day of release, The Batman will hit cinemas on March 4.

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