Viewers spotted an unusual item in the background of Amos’s interview
Viewers spotted an unusual item in the background of Amos’s interview
BBC Wales Today

In the age of Covid, the internet’s favourite game is carefully examining what’s behind people on screen. Whether that is rating their room, or deciphering the meaning behind bookcases – on Tuesday one background item in a TV interview left people speechless.

Yvette Amos appeared on BBC Wales Today on Tuesday evening to discuss her experiences of unemployment during the pandemic.

However, it was likely viewers were not fully focused on what she was saying. The bookcase behind her held books, board games and what a appeared to be a very intimate item.

The image was shared on Twitter by journalist Grant Tucker, who tweeted: “Perhaps the greatest guest background on the BBC Wales news tonight. Always check your shelves before going on air.”

“This is apparently a genuine interview on BBC Wales, anyone spot something saucy in the background?”  another person asked. 

Another person wrote: “Fantastic. @BBCWales are spicing things up in lockdown.”

Twitter immediately branded the picture hilarious, and people debated whether it had been an “Oversight or totally intentional?”

“There’s no way this wasn’t purposeful,” one person guessed.

One person thought it was likely just a “novelty candle”, “not that it helps much,” they added.

Either way, calling  Amos as a “national treasure”, people hoped she won’t get in any issues with the network: “One of the best pieces of news I’ve seen on #BBCWales @BBCWales. I hope she doesn’t get into trouble, it’s funny more than anything.”

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