Trump campaigner accused of using fake bookshelf with ‘crease’ in it on TV

Trump campaigner accused of using fake bookshelf with ‘crease’ in it on TV

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a large uptake in people being interviewed on the news via Zoom and other webcam services and for many there is no better backdrop than the bookcase.

While some have clearly been a lot better than others, we never thought we’d see the day when someone faked having a bookcase.

This brings us to the Friday’s Sky News interview between Adam Boulton and Erin Elmore, a former member of Donald Trump’s campaign team from the 2016 election and a contestant on the third series of The Apprentice.

During their heated discussion, more on that later, eagle-eyed viewers noticed something unusual about her bookcase in that it might not have been a bookcase at all. Firstly, the spines of the books didn’t have any names or titles on them whatsoever. In addition to this there was quite clearly a crease to the left of her.

This was picked up by a few viewers and soon ended up on the Bookcase Credibility Twitter account.

Online sleuths soon discovered what appears to be the exact backdrop that Elmore is using which is available on Amazon for just $16.60.

Elsewhere Headlines were made during the interview after Boulton asked Elmore whether the 25th amendment should be invoked, stripping Trump of his presidency for his final few days in the White House. Elmore responded by making unsavoury remarks about Biden’s mental health.

Boulton responded to this by saying, “I'm just going to put it to you finally, I know you're in Jupiter, Florida, but I think many British viewers in particular will think you are living on another very strange planet which has lost touch with right and wrong and political morality. What would you say to them?”

Elmore didn’t take kindly to this and snapped back “Well your quippy one-liners don't hurt me very much, and what I'd tell you is 70 plus million Americans voted for President Trump, and those people are just like me.”

Boulton wrapped up the interview adding, “OK Erin, well thank for you joining us.”

Speaking to Indy100, Elmore said:

“How are you? I hope you're doing well and having a great day. I have made several references online to my fake bookcases. I left my home of Philadelphia for greater opportunity and less space in Florida. I do not have a proper studio here, nor do I have an adequate backdrop. Therefore, I improvised. If you're looking for some gotcha moment, this is not it. I hope your journalistic efforts lead you somewhere greater than my fake books. Please see attached. Warmest, Erin."

Elmore added, “Of course it’s a fake bookcase. Because of these absurd lockdowns that protect absolutely no one and are ruining economies and lives, I have to do all my TV appearances locked in my small rented bedroom - a room I think I’ll keep to myself, thank you very much. Furthermore, the picture I sent you is from December 2 on my Instagram story. Please also review my Twitter feed. I have commented on my fake books in a joking manner several times.”

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