This is the kind of behaviour that will make people think you're stupid

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If you don’t want people to think you’re stupid, you should stop trying to do things above your station, according to science.

Researchers have collected news stories containing descriptions of 'stupid' behaviour, and also asked 26 students to keep a five-day diary of any incidents they saw of people acting 'stupidly'.

These diary entries were shown to 154 other students, who were then asked to rate how stupid each event was, and rate how different psychological factors were to blame (such as tiredness or overconfidence).

The researchers found there are three main types of stupid. So, here's what not to do if you want to avoid looking stupid.

1. Confident ignorance

This is when people do something risky when they lack the required skills or knowledge.

For example; don't say you can ice skate when you absolutely know you cannot ice skate.

2. Lack of control

This stems from obsessive or addictive behaviour.

3. Absentmindedness

This is when people fail to do something properly because they lack practical skills, or were distracted.

In other words, a Friday afternoon in the office.

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