Ben Shapiro tried to criticise 'The Batman' and it hilariously backfired

Ben Shapiro tried to criticise 'The Batman' and it hilariously backfired
'The Batman' Swoops Into Theaters With Higher Ticket Prices

The highly anticipated new Batman movie, The Batman hit theaters this weekend and it's proving to be a success with fans. However, one person was not impressed with the $128.5 million box office opening.

Conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro took to Twitter on Friday to give his The Batman review: "I regret to inform you that "The Batman" is bad."

Shapiro then posted a full video review to his YouTube page giving an honest review of the new Batman movie. He did not have many good things to say about it but did have plenty of critiques, some of which include: "Every white character is apparently bad", and "The Batman hates Batman."

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Unlike past Batman movies, The Batman chose to break notable characters' traditional race and gender roles. Jeffrey Wright portrays Commissioner Gordon who has typically been played by white actors in past Batman films, Jayme Lawson plays the mayoral candidate who has typically been cast as a man, and Zoe Kravits plays Catwoman.

"You have Catwoman saying stuff about white privilege elites," Shapiro said while describing problems with the movie. "She makes a suggestion that Bruce Wayne, a child when his parents were killed, doesn't really have a right to be super upset about that because of course he was very very rich."

Shapiro's notable race critique of The Batman is what left many social media users irritated. But quickly people turned a bad thing into a good thing by using Shapiro's poor review as a reason to see the movie.

Shapiro is known to cause a stir on social media. In the past, the conservative commentator has said Democrats would nominate Cardi B to the Supreme Court if it meant a Black woman Justice and compared President Biden to Kurt Cobain's death

It should be noted, according to Rotten Tomatoes, critics gave the film an 85% fresh rating, meaning the film was a fresh take on previous Batman interpretations.

Some Twitter users found Ben Shapiro's criticism of 'The Batman' a good thing @TigerDropped / Twitter

Ben Shapiro's notable critique of race in the film left many social media users rolling their eyes @informalmajesty /Twitter

In his review, Shapiro compared The Batman with Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. The political commentator was most upset that the film does not portray Batman as a hero, unlike past interpretations.

For people who have grown up loving the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy, it's difficult to imagine another version of Batman that is extremely different from the trilogy. However, many have noted that's what makes this film particularly special.

So, what were the best parts? According to Shapiro, the best parts were the aesthetic and Colin Farrell's portrayal of The Penguin. Everything else was just ok.

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