Ben Shapiro says Dems would vote Cardi B onto Supreme Court, gets immediately mocked

Ben Shapiro says Dems would vote Cardi B onto Supreme Court, gets immediately mocked
Watch live as Joe Biden announces retirement of Supreme Court Judge Breyer

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer today announced his retirement from the court, leaving a vacant sport for President Joe Biden to fill.

All eyes are now on the president, who has promised to nominate the first Black woman to the court.

Unsurprisingly, conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro couldn't help but comment on this.

Shapiro tweeted on Thursday criticizing the president's decision to elect a Black woman, saying, "[Democrats] wouldn't care whether Biden nominated a [Harvard Law School] grad who clerked for Breyer or Cardi B."

Shapiro's tweet was met with an avalanche of mockery - and some eye-opening debunking.

Micah Cohen, managing editor for FiveThirtyEight, tweeted a spreadsheet of schools Biden's judicial appointees attended in response.

Cohen noted that Biden had appointed the highest number of ivy league graduates out of any president since 1977.

Washington Post political writer, David Weigel, tweeted at Shapiro, reminding him that the last Supreme Court judge to be appointed, Justice Amy Coney Barrett, had less experience than any of the potential picks Biden is considering.

There are three women rumored to be sitting at the center of Biden's potential picks: US Circuit Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, California Supreme Court Justice Leondra Kruger, and U.S. District Judge J. Michelle Childs.

Like Weigel, other people could not help but comment on Coney Barrett's lack of experience prior to her Supreme Court nomination.

Much of the backlash against Shapiro is pointing out the hypocrisy in past Supreme Court nominations. But the most threatening response came from one user who reminded Shapiro to be careful which celebrity's name he drags.

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