How to get secret 'best free seat' on a plane

How to get secret 'best free seat' on a plane
Plane Deicing Amidst Snowy Conditions at Airport in Rochester, USA
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With the spring and summer months approaching, many people are inching ever closer to that getaway to enjoy some time in warmer climes, whether that's exploring new places, partying or simply sunbathing by the pool or on the beach with a good book.

Let's be honest, the travelling part isn't always the most fun - getting to the airport is expensive, the stress through security is usually immeasurable and then there's either the long wait or quick rush before the gate comes up.

Then there's the boarding wait to get the seat on the plane, hoping there's space in the overhead lockers near to where the seat is for that carry-on luggage and seeing if there is space either side of the seat.

Well one social media user has revealed what he believes to be the 'best (free) seat' to make the travelling part that bit more comfortable.

Reddit user NugsOrBust posted a picture of himself sitting in seat 25A on Airbus A321.

It shows him with his legs stretched out enjoying the extra legroom of having no seat in front of him - and it didn't cost him anything extra.

He was flying from Orlando, Florida to LaGuardia, New York.

NugsOrBust posted: "Delayed 4 hours 54 minutes so the pros were there were only 11 people on the flight and I received a $75 credit for the inconvenience.

"Cons were arriving at LGA (LaGuardia) at 2.20am and having to commute 1.5 hours with the c***kheads on the bus."

The seat is opposite where a flight attendant would sit, with one user saying 'until the flight attendant sits down and stares directly into your soul the entire flight. Then it becomes the worst seat in the house'.

But another user countered 'in my experience they only sit here at the beginning and end'.

A different user posted a link to the plane layout and seat description on SeatGuru, which is by Trip Advisor.

It says: "Seat 25A is a standard core economy class seat:

"There is additional legroom and additional personal space directly ahead due to the lack of a seat directly ahead.

"The tray table and in-flight entertainment monitor are installed in an immovable armrest, therefore, seat width is slightly reduced."

It's also not positioned in an emergency exit row.

So for that next getaway, if the plane is an Airbus 321, keep seat 25A in mind - as long as it's not already booked...

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