Best man reveals that he dated bride in hilarious wedding speech

Best man reveals that he dated bride in hilarious wedding speech
Jilted bride continues wedding despite being stood-up by groom

At weddings, the best man's speech is one of the highlights of the day - and for one pair of newlyweds, they gave this responsibility to a friend who previously dated the bride.

Of course, this small detail came up during the best man's speech which managed to gain "the loudest laughs of the night."

In the speech that was captured by wedding photographers @joshandpres, the best man didn't shy away from this dating history but also shared how he knew they were meant to be together.

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"I just noticed the connection they had," the best man said.

"The laughs they shared together, the way they looked at each other. And you would think it would sound really romantic, the only problem is I was dating Rachel at the time."

Que the loud cheering and applauding from guests, along with the camera panning to the bride who raised her glass while someone else can be heard in the background singing the intro to "Mr Steal Your Girl" by Trey Songz.


The loudest laughs of the night happened during this speech! Lol #weddingtiktok #bestmanspeech #bestman #weddingmoments

Since sharing this entertaining part of the speech, the video has received a whopping 9.2m views, 1.6m likes, as well as thousands of comments from people who were equally amused as the wedding guests.

One person joked: "Never let your boyfriend stop you from finding your husband."

"This is actually very positive," another person said. "Realizing you’re not the one for someone but allowing them to love. Super selfless."

Someone else wrote: "Not someone singing the intro to Mr. Steal Your Girl."

"That’s a risky speech! I wouldn’t want people thinking I still had feelings for my ex by telling this speech but also it’s very funny," a fourth person commented.

In a follow-up video, the best man's speech continued as he reassured guests: "It all ended up OK," with the three of them.

"Me and Rachel [the bride] are still good," he added to which Rachel replied in agreement: "We're still good."

The best man then goes on to recall the second time he knew the couple should be together.

So all's well that end's well...

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