Newlyweds fight after video is played at wedding of bride cheating with groom's relative

Newlyweds fight after video is played at wedding of bride cheating with groom's relative
Newlyweds plunge from swing in dramatic wedding entrance gone wrong

Wedding celebrations took a dramatic turn for one newly married couple after the groom revealed the bride had been cheating on him with her brother-in-law by playing an X-rated video of the two in bed together.

In the clip, the newlyweds and their wedding party can be seen making their way toward the stage together after the ceremony, and as they stood on stage the big screen set the scene with love hearts in the background.

But near the end of the video, guests looked in shock at the screen as it dramatically changed to a clip of the bride and her brother-in-law in bed together.

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Things soon kicked off as the video caused the bride to react in anger and she threw her bouquet at the groom, to which he said: "Did you think I didn’t know about this?"

In response, the wedding party can be seen running towards the couple.

The on-screen caption summarised the crazy event that unfolded: "The groom played a video of his wife cheating on him with her pregnant sister-in-law’s husband in front of everybody.”

The clip was originally posted back in 2019 on the Chinese social media site Weibo, but recently went viral again when it was reposted on TikTok.


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The couple had been in a two-year relationship and engaged for six months ahead of their doomed wedding, AsiaOnereported and when the groom discovered the infidelity, he wanted to "humiliate" his bride.

Since resharing, the video has received 6.9m views, 796,000 likes as well as thousands of comments who had mixed opinions about the stunt.

Some sided with the groom for exposing his bride's cheating ways.

One person said: "Not her throwing the flowers at him, the audacity."

"He said you wasted my time ima embarrassed and waste yours and everybody time," another person wrote.

Someone else joked: "This is the wedding panic at the disco was talking abt," referring to their 2005 song I Write Sins Not Tragedies.

While others were confused as to why the groom went ahead with the wedding if he knew his bride had been unfaithful.

One person said: "But at the reception? That means you still married her"

"Why waste thousands of $ if he knew," another person wrote.

A few people offered up answers as to why the groom went through with the ceremony.

One person wrote: "Maybe he found out too late and the wedding needed to be paid for regardless whether they broke it off."

"Already payed [sic] for it, can’t refund it so he took advantage," another commented.

"'Why waste thousands if he knew?' Satisfaction people," someone else added. "Embarrassing her in front of everyone was probably worth it for him."

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