Wedding anniversary gifts by year - the ultimate guide
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For every wedding anniversary, there are traditional and modern materials to symbolise the strengthening of the relationship, the gifts progress from the weakest to the strongest as the years go by.

Here is a list of the traditional wedding anniversary gifts in the UK:

  • 1st Anniversary - Paper

While it’s not exactly the most extravagant anniversary, they say the first wedding anniversary is the most important.

Some gift ideas include: Writing a poem or a love letter, tickets to a play, concert or sporting event are other options depending on what your spouse prefers.

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Artwork and scrapbooks are also great gifts. Aeroplane tickets to a romantic destination certainly fulfil the paper gift requirement too.

  • 2nd Anniversary - Cotton
  • 3rd Anniversary - Leather

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will celebrate their leather anniversary this year as they celebrate their third wedding anniversary on 19th May.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their wedding day at Windsor in 2018.

  • 4th Anniversary - Linen
  • 5th Anniversary - Wooden

Some gift ideas include a wooden clock, wooden music box, statue or a wooden picture frame to display a special picture from your anniversary or wedding day.   

  • 6th Anniversary - Iron

We’re not too sure what you could give to a loved one on this anniversary - maybe a bowl or statue?

  • 7th Anniversary - Copper
  • 8th Anniversary - Bronze
  • 9th Anniversary - Pottery
  • 10th Anniversary - Tin

Prince William and Kate Middleton will celebrate their tin anniversary as they celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary on 29th April.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their wedding day at Buckingham Palace in 2011.

Some gift ideas include aluminium watches, tin candlestick holders, aluminum music box, cookware and tin or aluminium picture frames.

  • 11th Anniversary - Steel
  • 12th Anniversary - Silk and Fine Linen
  • 13th Anniversary - Lace
  • 14th Anniversary - Ivory
  • 15th Anniversary - Crystal

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles celebrated their crystal wedding anniversary last year as they celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary on 9th April 2020.

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall married a civil ceremony at Windsor Guildhall in 2005.

Some gift ideas include crystal bowl, crystal jewellery, crystal rose, crystal photo frame or crystal candlesticks.

  • 20th Anniversary - China

Actors, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones celebrated their china wedding anniversary last year as they celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary on November 18th, 2020.

  • 25th Anniversary - Silver

Since ancient times, silver has been known to be a precious metal. It has been used to make jewellery, flatware and even used as currency.

Some gift ideas include jewellery, picture frames, or a vase.

  • 30th Anniversary - Pearl

Pearls are different to other gems as they are created inside of a certain species, namely oysters, molluscs and clams all produce pearls.

  • 35th Anniversary - Coral

Historically, coral is said to have a magical power to prevent sterility. Coral is mostly comprised of calcium carbonate. Red coral defends against plague and pestilence.

  • 40th Anniversary - Ruby

Actors, Samuel L. Jackson and LaTanya Richardson celebrated their ruby anniversary last year as they celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.

Samuel L. Jackson and LaTanya Richardson married in 1980.

  • 50th Anniversary - Gold

Gold is the most precious substance around and it’s the perfect gift for this impressive milestone.

The most popular gift is, of course, jewellery.

  • 60th Anniversary - Diamond

Diamonds are the strongest and most durable substances on earth. 

They are the most popular choice for engagement rings and have become the symbol of true love.

  • 65th Anniversary - Blue Sapphire
  • 70th Anniversary - Platinum

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip celebrated their platinum anniversary back in 2017 for their 70th wedding anniversary on November 20th.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh married in 1947 at Westminster Abbey.

  • 80th Anniversary - Oak

It’s not really surprising that the national tree of England, that symbol of strength and endurance, is used to celebrate this extraordinary milestone.

Furniture is a gift idea that also represents the longevity of a marriage.

  • 85th Anniversary - Wine

The gift is pretty self-explanatory here...

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