Woman says she discovered fiancé was cheating after checking her ‘blocked’ list on Instagram

Woman says she discovered fiancé was cheating after checking her ‘blocked’ list on Instagram

Modern technology is making it increasingly hard for cheaters to cover their tracks, as social media constantly reminds us.

One TikTok influencer caught out her unfaithful boyfriend thanks to a live photo blunder, for example, while another used a clever cash app trick.

This time, a woman claims she found out about her fiancé’s allegedly wayward ways after she randomly checked her list of blocked contacts on Instagram.

The blocked list prevents nominated accounts from finding your profile, story or posts and is used to protect users’ privacy.

What seemed odd to TikToker Gabby was that her list suggested she’d blocked someone she’d never heard of, so alarm bells started ringing.

In a video posted to the platform she told viewers: “I’ll never forget the day in 2019 when something told me to check my blocked list on Instagram.

“What did I find?... a random girl.

“What did we have in common?... My boyfriend!”

She added: “Now I didn’t block her, so you can guess who did…”

Gabby had never even heard of the woman she’d apparently blocked on her accountgabrielle_marcellus/TikTok

Her clip racked up more than 2.4 million views as commentators demanded more details surrounding the deception.

Gabby explained that her then fiancé had logged on to her account and blocked the other woman “because I was posting photos of us and he didn’t want her to know,” adding: “He also put my account on private.”

To make matters worse, in a separate video she revealed that she had come over to England from the US (where she is from) to spend six weeks with her would-be future husband.

It was four days before she was due to return home that she uncovered his apparent infidelity.

Confronting him about it, Gabby claimed that he initially denied doing anything wrong, insisting that the woman was “crazy” and “obsessed” with him and “trying to break us up”.

“So in order to protect me, and protect him, he had to block her,” she said mockingly.

“Don’t we love a ‘crazy girl’ story?” she added.

Gabby explained that she’d travelled all the way to England to be with her fiancéTikTok

Fellow TikTokers responded with their own personal anecdotes, with one writing: “Why do all cheaters have the same conversation? The first time I saw the name of the girl that my ex was cheating on me with on his phone he also said she was crazy and obsessed with him, and she kept texting him.

“I even texted her making a fool out of myself saying ‘leave my bf alone’.”

Another said: “Deja-vu. My ex did this to me. Then he left me for that girl a year later. I should [have] seen the signs.”

Meanwhile, dozens levelled their criticism specifically towards British men, with one asking: “Did we date the same guy? My ex from London did the same thing.”

One lone voice defended English men against accusations of sleaze: “Guy from England here,” wrote the user called Richard Neville.

“On behalf of the rest of us, I am so sorry.”

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