Woman reveals genius tip to catch out cheating boyfriend

Woman reveals genius tip to catch out cheating boyfriend
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A woman revealed on TikTok some tips that people can use to catch their cheating partners.

The TikTok user labeled the video “When I caught my boyfriend texting a random number, I put the number in Cash App to see who it was” - which, was basically the extent of her initial tip.

But this was not the only tip she gave to people who want to catch their cheating partners.

She also said that people can go on Facebook and select “forgot password” and add any suspicious cell phone number into the part that asks for email or phone number. The name of the Facebook user with that number should show up in the results.

The video gained massive popularity on TikTok with over 640,000 likes and 3,000 comments.

One of the users commenting on the TikTok video suggested that women save the number in question on their phones to find out who that person is - if they have a WhatsApp account - as that will immediately show the person’s picture and username.

Another TikTok user suggested bringing the other woman’s number to Sephora to redeem all their Beauty Insider points. Genius.

One person also suggested using Snapchat to find out who the person is, saying “You can add it [the number] on Snapchat to see if it's a boy or a girl and the name.”

Not all comments on the viral TikTok video were welcoming of the tips offered.

Some users on TikTok said that they tried the suggested tips with random numbers and it didn’t work with one user saying “Nah it said it is going to send a code to his number.”

Another user commented with emojis saying “Y’all have to stop with these I am trying to retire my tóxico [toxic] ways.”

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