Bra company wants male employees to know what it's like to have breasts

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Men have absolutely no idea that breasts can actually be rather annoying.

Especially large ones.

Ignace Van Doorselaere, the CEO of bracompany PrimaDonna, wants the men working for him to experience what it's like having large breasts.

Van Doorselaere has a very literal way to make men empathise with large-breasted women: he hangs weights around their necks. Ow.

Well, for one day a year anyway. And the weights are of course detachable, unlike breasts (he's not that cruel). But at least he's trying to understand his customers better.

He said:

There is only one way for a man to realize what an E-cup feels like and that is having an E-cup...

Because let's be honest, an E-cup can weight up to 1 or 1.5kg per breast. This is a lot.

It hurts your neck. It hurts your back...

That's why you need good support.

Van Doorselaere came up with the idea after being asked how he could possibly adequately provide for his consumers when he doesn't understand what they go through on a daily basis.

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