Brave puppy 'saves planet' and stops tornado from forming

Brave puppy 'saves planet' and stops tornado from forming
Confused mini schnauzer watches wild Italian greyhound puppy
ViralBear / VideoElephant

A brave puppy has been captured on camera stamping on mini "tornadoes" to put them out with the social media account that posted the video on X / Twitter saying he "saves the planet".

Tornadoes usually form from a large thunderstorm; inside thunderclouds, warm, humid air rises while cool air falls along with rain or hail.

This can then cause spinning air currents inside the cloud and although these currents start horizontal, they can turn the other way and drop down from the cloud, thus becoming a tornado.

And a brave little puppy seems to have fun with a mini one as it puts one out before it forms around him again.

The video starts by showing a small tornado forming in dry ground in the forefront of the video, before a puppy races into the shot and stamps on it to stop it.

The tornado then briefly disappears, before it forms again almost purposefully and playfully behind him.

The puppy stamps on it once again to put it out, before it reforms once more.

This goes on throughout the course of the video but the puppy seems to be having a great time playing with it, its tail wagging as it looks excitedly at where it might pop up next.

It seems the puppy views the whole thing as a game but the social media account says the puppy "saves the planet".

The tornado looks more like a miniature one that's more commonly known as a dust devil which can form on clear days and usually only travel a short distance before dissipating.

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