Thong-wearing bride goes viral after giving groom a twerking lap dance at their wedding

Thong-wearing bride goes viral after giving groom a twerking lap dance at their wedding

Guests at a wedding in Florida were certainly in for a surprise after the bride was filmed celebrating her new marriage by twerking on her groom in a backless dress with a thong.

Sporting a sparkly halter dress with an apron-like front, the bride – with a glittery thong to match – can be seen approaching her new husband, who is sat in chair in the centre of the dance floor, to give him a sexy lap dance with an audience of guests watching on at their reception.

In footage posted by Instagram user Karin (@_1karin), the bride swiftly pushes a young boy out of her way before treating her groom to the performance.

But that’s not all. The bridal party then took part in what appeared to be an entirely choreographed – and very impressive – dance routine. Along with the bride, they threw some sexy shapes on the dance floor as they twerked in synchronisation to Beyoncé’s song aptly named song Dance for You.

Proving some serious dancing dedication, the routine ended with the women doing floorwork as they bounced their bums on the ground.

All the while, wedding guests can be heard cheering on the bride and her posse while recording the routine on their phones. The bash is said to have taken place in Florida, according to the New York Post.

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Since the wedding guest posted the dance to her Instagram stories, it has been reposted on Twitter by @ImKindaFunny901 who couldn’t quite believe what they were witnessing. They wrote for the caption: “IS THAT THE BRIDE???”. The clip has now been viewed over 3m times.

With nearly 30,000 likes and 15,000 quote tweets, people had plenty to say about the bride’s dance.

Not everyone was impressed, noting that they would be uncomfortable dancing like this in front of their family.

But others defended the bride, highlighting the fact that it is her and her husband’s wedding day and they can celebrate as they like.

Good for her, we say.

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