Man goes viral for giving out huge wads of cash to homeless people on TikTok

Man goes viral for giving out huge wads of cash to homeless people on TikTok

A man is repeatedly going viral on TikTok because of his tear-jerking videos in which he gives wads of cash to homeless people.

Peter Bond shares videos of him surprising people with chunky stacks of cash then quickly wandering away, as the recipient tries to process the sudden good luck.

Bond has more than 375.2K followers on TikTok while his videos typically get more than one million views.


You’re welcome :)

His account is dedicated to giving back to people he encounters on the streets.

“You can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone,” read one of his captions from Christmas last year.

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In that encounter, Bond is seen giving a homeless man cash disguised as a meal, and the homeless guy’s reaction is beyond touching.

“What’s up, man? Are you hungry” Bond asks at the start of the video to the homeless person.

“I got you something to eat,” he says, as he hands the food tray filled with $300 in $1 bills to the man on the street.

See it for yourself:


You can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone 💙

While many people love that the content creator loves to do this, some other people take issue with the fact that these videos are shared and recorded for his TikTok.

“ABSOLUTELY AWESOME, GOOD MAN, MERRY CHRISTMAS,” read one enthusiastic person’s comment.

“May God bless you, protect you, make you happy, and make your heart happy with ur love you are man Ok,” said another person.

One comment read, “These are the best videos by far on TikTok, ☝️well done.”

People also called out the fact that the homeless man can be seen with seemingly good clothes on and Jordan sneakers.

“Homeless having a good outfit. hmmm something suspicious don't get mad at me just observing. ..” said one skeptic person.

In the comments, Bond referred to the ongoing criticism in his replies by saying: “People saying he doesn’t look homeless, what do you mean by that? You can look presentable and still have nowhere to live. Educate yourselves.

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