Groom left fuming after his boss asks if he can propose at his wedding

Groom left fuming after his boss asks if he can propose at his wedding

Everyone knows there are certain things you just don’t do at weddings. Don’t wear a white dress (unless you’re the bride), keep your phone on silent, and don’t do anything that will take the attention away from the newlyweds.

But what if a friend - or manager - asks for an enormous favour on your wedding day?

A groom has landed in hot water with his boss after refusing to help him propose to his partner - at his wedding.

The 24-year-old man is set to get married in two weeks, and his boss asked if he could use the occasion to propose to his own girlfriend. When the groom refused, the boss took it badly.

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Taking to the Am I The A**hole subreddit, the groom said his boss asked if the bride could hand the bouquet to his girlfriend instead of throwing it in the air so he could propose to her.

But the groom already knew how his bride would feel about it.

A few years ago they watched a video on Facebook where something similar happens, and at the time she remarked: “This is bad. People shouldn’t even ask the bride [for] help doing this and put her in [a] dilemma.”

Given he already knew how she would feel about it, he refused his boss’s request before mentioning it to the bride.

He explained: “He got really angry and said I didn’t even ask my wife to be and I am bending in front of her even before marriage, what will happen when I’ll get married, etc. He said he would get the perfect scenery for the proposal and all.”

As the venue for the wedding is a picturesque location owned by the bride’s aunt, the Redditor said “it could make nice memories” for the boss.

The Redditor explained that as his wife-to-be regularly goes out of her way to help people, he’s afraid to tell her because he fears she’ll say yes despite her own wishes.

He commented: “I wanna give her the wedding she deserves. That’s why I didn’t go to her with this.”

As his wife is the “major breadwinner”, he said she would likely encourage him to leave the job if the boss puts him under pressure, but he doesn’t want to “sit on [his] a** [the] whole day while she works”.

The top comment with over 5,000 upvotes states: “At your wedding everything should be for you and your wife, not for your boss. Hope your wedding went great.”

Another suggested he uninvite the boss, and called his behaviour “rude”. The original poster responded to say he’s “horrified” that this kind of thing affects his job. He added: “He’s known to trouble people that give him slight discomfort. He’s only invited [because] his girlfriend is good friends with [my] fiancée.”

The boss is “tactless and tasteless”, another remarked. They added that a no from the groom should suffice.

In an update, he resolved that he would tell his fiancée and start looking for a new job.

At this rate, the boss will be lucky to be invited at all.

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