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'Now then love, put the big light on and we'll have a go'.

Accents, the key the wooing.

The blog 'Lovin Manchester' ranked 51 UK cities by the sexiness of their accents.

Unsurprisingly, given the blog's name, they put 'Manchester' at number one.

The light hearted list offered a top 51 accents, with some teasing comments next to each.*

For instance 51. Birmingham, read:

Let's face it, you don't want a brummy reading the 9 o'clock news while you're eating your cheerios.

Nobody deserves that first thing.

And 22. Lincoln.

Bit whiny, but excellent sausages.

The top 10 on their list were:

1. Manchester

2. London

3. Cambridge

4. Gloucester

5. Salford

6. Ripon

7. Nottingham

8. Oxford

9. Lichfield

10. Hereford

Naturally, there's been some objections to this pseudo scientific write-off of the country's treasure trove of accents.

HT Lovin Manchester

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