Spain is currently on a nationwide lockdown after becoming the fourth most infected country with coronavirus, after China, Italy and Iran.

Last week, Spain declared a 15-day state of emergency as 47 million Spanish residents were ordered to stay at home except for food supplies, visits to hospitals and care for the elderly.

Sadly those guidelines have not abided by British tourists who are still on holiday in the country, who have clearly ignored the warnings to go out drinking.

Footage from RT UK shows a large group of Brits, drinking and singing on the streets of Benidorm before being ordered to go home by local law enforcement.

This clip has been viewed more than one million times on Twitter and it's fair to say that people are aghast and embarrassed by this behaviour.

Elsewhere, footage as emerged of other Brits in Benidorm chanting "we've all got the virus" at police. The incident reportedly took place at the Trebol Apartments on Levante Beach.

At the time of writing, Spain has more than 11,000 reported cases of coronavirus and more than 400 confirmed deaths.

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