An entire neighbourhood of 35 houses is currently up being sold for just $7m

An entire neighbourhood of 35 houses is currently up being sold for just $7m
The Coolest and Weirdest Houses on Zillow

A bizarre Zillow listing has cropped up online, which reportedly shows a neighbourhood of 35 houses for sale.

The listing was picked up by Sierra (@sierrakatherinee) who later shared her findings on TikTok. The description shared that all of the homes are "fully occupied" with "some under-valued rents and significant capital appreciation opportunity."

Sierra went on to express her concerns for the families living in the neighbourhood.

"I would just love for the people living in these 35 homes to have like support and resources from the city to be able to buy their homes, instead of their entire neighbourhood being for sale," she told viewers.

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The listing in Cobbs Creek, West Philidelphia was first shared on Compass last month and is worth just $7 million.

The estate agent told Daily Dot: "Just a seller who owns 35 properties and he is selling them, across a couple of neighbourhoods."


My Spidey senses are tingling. What dk yall think about selling entire neighborhoods? #philadelphiarealestate #zillowfinds #philly #buytheblock

The clip was soon flooded with comments from fellow TikTokers, hoping that an affluent person would snap the neighbourhood up and do a good deed.

"This is a perfect opportunity for the Philly celebswho claim they’re for the community to make a huge difference," one person wrote, while another added: "Putting this energy out there: Some rich person should buy it & just sign the deeds over to those living in the homes right now."

"If I had won that lotto I would have bought it then gave it back," a third added, to which Sierra responded: "I would love to do that for so many people and families!"

Meanwhile, one TikToker expressed how, she too, felt "nervous" about one small detail. "Agree the "undervalue rents" makes me very nervous for the current residents," she wrote.

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