Picture: helovi/iStock
Picture: helovi/iStock

The University of Cambridge has decided to make the entrance tests even more stringent with some new questions. See if you could pass the latest admissions hurdle.

At the moment roughly 80 per cent of applicants are invited to interview, but only 25 per cent of applicants were made offers in 2016.

So quite a low bar then for most 17-year-olds. Cambridge has announced it will be bringing back an entrance exam for applicants. This was abandoned 30 years ago, but has been resurrected to counter A level grade inflation. The test will contain a combination of essay and multiple choice questions, on topics such as maths, language aptitude and literature. It will be a common test for applicants applying in Autumn 2017. Given this date is now very much on the horizon, a sample paper has been released revealing the sorts of questions students will be asked.

See if you'd pass the first hurdle in this Indy100 quiz, using questions from the sample paper.

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