Woman takes DNA test and finds out her father is actually a billionaire

Woman takes DNA test and finds out her father is actually a billionaire

A TikToker claims to have discovered that her biological father is a billionaire CEO through a home DNA kit.

Cat McDonald, or @fretlessfeline to her 80,000 followers, said in a video:

“My Dad came up with the brilliant idea of giving the entire family AncestryDNA kits last year for Christmas. I have identified as Irish because my last name is McDonald and my hair is bright f***ing red. Turns out I’m 75 per cent Norweigan and the rest is like German and British and there’s like zero Irish. I found this out on St Patty’s Day so I called him cracking up saying, guess what? I’m not Irish at all! He calls me up saying there’s no way you’re not Irish. So with my Dad on the phone, I log into my account to see if I have any DNA matches. And I had an exact paternal match, it just wasn’t him.”

Well, what did she do next? Probably what most of us would have done -- confronted her parents.

In a second video, McDonald continued the tale.

“I confronted my Mom and two of my aunts immediately. Everyone including my mother was f***ing shook. But even my Dad recognised the name, apparently he was an old family friend. So I Googled this guy’s name and he’s a billionaire. He’s the CEO for a major company and his three daughters work for him. Naturally, like the millennial that I am, I drive halfway across the country to his corporate office. I tried to give him a letter but when he heard my name he refused to meet with me. Basically all it said was thank you, because I’m really happy to be alive. You know as much as I do at this point, but I really want more answers.”

She then promised a part 3 video – if she’s able to find out more information.

What lies ahead for McDonald and her family is unclear.

But she’s certain about one thing: she’s happy with her life the way it is – billionaire CEO father or not. In one video, McDonald says she “exudes privilege” and that she’s “really happy to be alive”. McDonald is a violinist who lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her dogs and cats.

The popularity of DNA home testing has led to some uncomfortable conversations.

TikTokers have shared a range of stories in answer to user @meezersqueezer challenge that they share “family secrets” that they learnt after using home DNA kits.

For their part, they discovered that their biological grandfather was not who they’d previously believed him to to be.

They also discovered cousins and other relatives that they never knew they had.

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