Neighbours brand man 'cat pervert' after their pet walks onto his property

Neighbours brand man 'cat pervert' after their pet walks onto his property

A couple has gone viral after branding their neighbour a “cat pervert” because their cat likes to visit his garden.

As everyone knows, controlling cats is almost an impossible task as the very independent animals like to roam wherever they choose. But, one angry neighbour in a hilarious viral clip was left upset after his neighbour didn’t tell his cat to go home.

The bizarre clip was posted on Twitter by the account Detect Clips and showed an angry neighbour arguing with another over his cat. The cat’s owner claimed: “You are keeping it in your yard, it’s our cat.”

Meanwhile, the neighbour who was filming themselves being yelled at, replied: “I’m not even in my yard right now. What am I doing? The gate’s open.”

The owner continued, telling the neighbour he should tell the cat to go back home.

He said: “If you would go in your yard and say, ‘Mercury, go home, don’t come in our yard anymore.’”

The neighbour holding the camera replied: “She will not listen. She’s a cat, she doesn’t speak English.”

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The angry cat owner threatened to call the police department and branded his neighbour a “cat pervert” several times over. He also accused him of “harbouring our cat”.

The clip has been viewed 17 million times and made quite an impression online.

“This video has everything — drama, comedy, great lines: ‘cat pervert,’ ‘you're harboring my cat’ 10/10,” one viewer assessed.

Another wrote: “CAT PERVERT! ‘Send my cat home’ is amazing. Has this man ever met a cat?”

“Cat pervert is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard someone be called,” one Twitter user else said.

Someone else argued: “I feel so bad for the video taker because it’s like... have you met cats?? There's not one thing in this world you can do when a cat decides you're their friend.”

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