People are sharing pictures of their cats with #CatsAgainstBrexit to rival the Wooferendum
Twitter/ littlewisehen

If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. When it comes to Brexit, this philosophy is certainly true.

Although the deep divisions in the country show no sign of disappearing, some people are trying to defuse the situation by tweeting hilarious photos of their cats with the hashtag #CatsAgainstBrexit.

Not content with allowing the Wooferendum to take all the credit for "barking out" against Brexit, cat owners have taken to Twitter to show their support for remaining in the EU.

There were plenty of cats with a message of tolerance and diversity.

Others just know we're better "in" than "out".

It turns out some cats are in fact fans of EU “red tape”.

And others are even prepared to join the #Wooferendum to try and stop Brexit.

But not everyone approves of #CatsAgainstBrexit, including this pro-Brexit MEP and Grumpy Cat.

The UK might be divided but at least we can count on witty cat memes to carry us through. Larry the Number 10 cat would approve.

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