5 examples of extreme white privilege

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Lucian B Wintrich received quite a bit of criticism online for trying to explain Martin Luther King’s legacy to Martin Luther King’s daughter.

Among the sea of righteous indignation and shocked gifs, we came upon this tweet:

This. Right. Here.

What is caucacity, you ask?

Urban Dictionary sums it up as the act of doing something with the “audacity of white privilege". But it's more than that: it’s about behaving in a manner that disregards or refuses to acknowledge one’s white privilege.

And so, here’s a motley collection of some utter caucacity we’ve found on the World Wide Web:

1. This girl who walked around campus with an assault rifle slung across her shoulders. Just because.

In a Facebook post she said that all she was trying to do was “promote [her] right to defend [herself]”.

Later, Marie told Fox News that criticisms of her white privilege is “blatant racism” and is “very insulting to minorities”.


Sacramento police shot dead 22-year-old Stephon Clark because they merely thoughthe was pointing a gun at them in his own backyard. The only thing they found was a telephone.

2. This Local Fox anchor who said a black teenager who applied to 20 universities and got into all of them is “a little obnoxious” for applying to that many.

She said:

It’s a little ridiculous that this kid applied to 20 taking away a spot and basically waitlisting another kid.


3. This white woman who called the police on a black real estate agent just for taking pictures of a house.


4. This Starbucks manager who called the police on black people doing nothing in the store.


There's also this nugget of truth:

5. This comedian who compared the term 'Straight White Male' with the N-word.


Can you not?

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