Celeste Barber shares hilarious comeback to fat-shaming anti-vaxxer

<p>(Left) The anti-vaxxer hurling abuse towards Celeste Barber (right)</p>

(Left) The anti-vaxxer hurling abuse towards Celeste Barber (right)


Celeste Barber had a hilarious response to an anti-vaxxer who hit out at her for encouraging her fans to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

The comedian and social media personality has been vocal on her platform about the importance of getting the jab.

After she got the shot, she posted a photo of herself to her 8.2m followers on Instagram, showing her holding up a sign that says: “I’ve had the jab.”

In her caption she wrote: “I got it! Get it if you can and let’s kick this in the d**k! The excellent front line workers that are keeping us safe are the sexiest SUPERHEROES in all the universes!”

But of course, the post inevitably angered anti-vaxxers – and one woman made her feelings very clear in a TikTok post.

During her rant, the woman yelled: “You tell me why a fat slob like Celestie Barber should be able to post on their Instagram and encourage other people to get the shot when people are being maimed and are dying by this?”

Despite the hurtful insults directed towards her, Barber was more concerned about the woman mispronouncing her name – and was only too happy to correct her.

As she gave a dead-pan stare down at the camera, she said: “It’s Celeste... you f**king idiot.”

People loved Barber’s sassy response, with the video now racking up 2.9m views and more than 480,000 likes.

Though Barber wasn’t finished just yet and, in a follow-up TikTok, lay into anti-vaxxers who believe in 5G conspiracy theories.

In a follow-up video, Celeste pokes fun at anti-vaxxersTikTok/celestebarber

She said: “I wanted to just quickly jump on here and just speak, I guess, mainly to anti-vaxxers. I hear that you guys are freaking out, I really hear it and I can feel it.

“I just want you to know when I got my first Pfizer shot, about a week ago, the nurse who gave it to me, she actually shows you the 5G before she puts it in the vial which I think is really good.

“Also you’d also be surprised - I was very surprised, it blew my mind - at how small Bill Gates’ DNA is and it also fits in the vial, as well, with the 5G.

“And she was saying to me, a nurse who’s been a nurse for 20 years or something, she said how grateful she is that she can get all the information from people who sell hats at the markets, and they know so much about it so she was super appreciative of it.”

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